104cm Bokken – The Perfect Training Sword

October 2, 2023 0 Comments

104cm Bokken – The Perfect Training Sword

104cm Bokken – The Perfect Training Sword

Are you in search of a high-quality training sword that combines durability, authenticity, and versatility? Look no further! Our 104cm Bokken is the perfect choice for all your training needs. Handmade with a one-piece bamboo blade and an ABS sheath, this sword is designed to provide you with the ultimate training experience.

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

Our 104cm Bokken is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who have years of experience in sword making. The one-piece bamboo blade ensures durability and flexibility, allowing you to practice your sword techniques with confidence. The ABS sheath provides added protection and makes it easy to carry and store your sword.

Perfect for Various Training Purposes

Whether you are practicing Iaido or Kendo, our 104cm Bokken is the ideal training companion. Its balanced weight and ergonomic design make it easy to handle, allowing you to perform precise and controlled movements. The sword’s length and weight are carefully calibrated to mimic the feel of a real katana, enhancing your training experience.

Great for Cosplay and Display

Not only is our 104cm Bokken perfect for training, but it also serves as a stunning display piece. Its authentic design and craftsmanship make it a great addition to any collection or cosplay outfit. Whether you are a sword enthusiast or a fan of Japanese culture, this sword is sure to impress.

Stand Out at Theme Parties

Planning a theme party? Our 104cm Bokken is the perfect accessory to complete your samurai or Japanese-themed costume. Its realistic appearance and attention to detail will make you the center of attention. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with our high-quality training sword.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Is the blade sharp?
  • A: No, the blade is not sharp. It is designed for training purposes only.
  • Q: Can I use this sword for sparring?
  • A: While the 104cm Bokken is suitable for training, it is not recommended for full-contact sparring.
  • Q: How long is the sword?
  • A: The sword measures 104cm (41 inches) in length.
  • Q: Is the sheath included?
  • A: Yes, the ABS sheath is included with the sword.

In conclusion, our 104cm Bokken is the perfect training sword for Iaido, Kendo, cosplay, display, and theme parties. With its handmade one-piece bamboo blade, ABS sheath, and unmatched quality, this sword offers durability, authenticity, and versatility. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your training experience and make a statement with our 104cm Bokken.