DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat

September 27, 2023 0 Comments

DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat

Introducing the DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat, the ultimate weapon for young baseball players. This bat is designed to deliver unmatched performance, power, and precision on the field. With its innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why the CF series is trusted by players of all ages and skill levels.


1. Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel

The CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat features a Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, which provides a responsive and powerful hitting surface. This barrel is designed to maximize the trampoline effect, resulting in explosive hits and increased distance.

2. 3Fusion Connection

The 3Fusion Connection technology in this bat ensures maximum energy transfer from the handle to the barrel, giving players a smooth and comfortable swing. This connection also helps reduce vibration and sting, allowing players to maintain control and confidence at the plate.

3. ReAction End Cap

The ReAction End Cap on the CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat is specifically designed to optimize barrel performance and improve bat speed. This end cap is strategically constructed to enhance the bat’s overall balance and increase swing speed, resulting in more power and better performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recommended age range for this bat?

A: The DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat is recommended for players aged 8-12 years old.

Q: Is this bat approved for use in Little League?

A: Yes, this bat is approved for use in Little League and other USA Baseball leagues.

Q: What is the difference between the CF (-10) and CF (-5) models?

A: The CF (-10) model is designed for younger players with a lighter swing weight, while the CF (-5) model is intended for older players who can handle a slightly heavier bat.


The DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat is a game-changer for young baseball players. Its advanced features, such as the Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, 3Fusion Connection, and ReAction End Cap, make it a top choice for those seeking power, performance, and precision. With this bat in hand, players can confidently step up to the plate and unleash their full potential. Upgrade your game with the DeMarini CF series today!