EkopuraCasein Protein Powder – 500g | 78% Protein | Hormone Free GMO-Free Soy-Free Additive Free Sugar-Free | Promote Muscle Growth – Accelerate Recovery | Certified Organic

November 16, 2023 0 Comments

EkopuraCasein Protein Powder – 500g | 78% Protein | Hormone Free, GMO-Free, Soy-Free, Additive Free, Sugar-Free | Promote Muscle Growth – Accelerate Recovery | Certified Organic

EkopuraCasein Protein Powder – 500g

Introducing our premium Organic Casein Protein, a dietary supplement specifically crafted to support your fitness aspirations and overall well-being. We take pride in sourcing the finest organic ingredients, guaranteeing a pure and natural product that complements your healthy lifestyle. Our Organic Casein Protein is meticulously designed to release protein gradually into your body, making it an excellent choice for sustaining protein intake over an extended period. Whether you prefer it before bedtime, as part of your breakfast routine, or as a satisfying snack, our protein powder is perfectly tailored to suit your preferences. Derived from the milk of contented grass-fed cows, our Organic Casein Protein not only delivers a reliable source of protein but also champions sustainable and ethical farming practices. These cows roam freely in the great outdoors, enjoying their natural grazing habits, which results in milk of superior quality. Packed with antioxidants and essential amino acids, including the highly sought-after BCAAs, our protein powder supports muscle recovery, growth, and retention. At Ekopura, we are committed to providing you with the best products for both your body and the environment. Our Organic Casein Protein embodies this dedication, reflecting our ethos of delivering excellence without compromise. Experience the difference with our premium Organic Casein Protein and elevate your well-being. Order now and take a transformative step towards a healthier and more vibrant you!

100% Organic

Try our 100% Organic Casein protein powder made from the milk of Happy Grass Fed Cows. They roam freely and eat healthy grass all year, giving you natural goodness. Our powder is carefully made without hormones, GMOs, or soy, so you get pure nourishment. No artificial stuff or added sugars. It’s a clean and wholesome protein source for your fitness and well-being while being kind to the environment.

Specially Formulated

Our Organic Casein Protein is specially formulated to provide a high protein content of 78%, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking optimal recovery, muscle building, and muscle retention. One of the standout features of our Organic Casein Protein is its exceptional solubility. It effortlessly dissolves in water or any other liquid, ensuring a smooth and convenient consumption experience.

Delicious, Creamy & Neutral Taste

Enjoy the neutral and flavorless nature of our Organic Casein protein powder. It effortlessly blends into recipes and beverages, preserving the original taste without overpowering it. Whether you’re making smoothies, adding protein to coffee, or baking treats, you can enjoy the benefits of protein supplementation while savoring the delicious flavors you love.

High-Quality Ingredients

This protein is made from pure and high-quality Organic Casein Protein Concentrate. It has all the important Amino Acids, including BCAA’s, which help muscles grow and recover. It’s important to know that our protein contains lactose, which can cause allergies in some people. We always make sure to give accurate allergen information to keep our customers safe and healthy.

Instruction for Use

Create a bedtime shake to relax and help your muscles recover. Add it to your oatmeal or yogurt to make breakfast more nutritious. When hunger strikes, reach for our protein for a satisfying and healthy snack. Simply mix one scoop of casein powder with water, milk, or juice to make a creamy shake. It’s also perfect for mixing with fresh fruit, whether it’s for breakfast or baking. Experience the delight of our protein in various ways and savor its goodness.